Adrian tapia

Producer, Editor, Storyteller.

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Originally from Mexico, I was raised and educated in the United States. I hold a Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Production and a Master's of Liberal Arts with a focus in Documentary Filmmaking from St. Edward’s University. I speak fluent English and Spanish and have a passion for discovering hidden gems and sharing them through photographs and films. This quest for daily discovery led to the creation of my daily photo blog:, which has been going for nearly a decade.

I have experience directing, filming, editing, and scoring documentaries, short films, television programs, musical performances, corporate films and commercials, as well as a strong passion for still photography. During my Master’s program, I directed and edited the documentary shorts A Modern Look at Minstrelsy, Slowing Down, Karaoke Heaven, Texas Justice, and Prison State. In 2011, I traveled to China to work as a Game Producer and Writer on Season 2 of The Amazing Race: China Rush, which aired internationally on Dragon TV, ICS, and CCTV-2 and -9 and won Best Adapted Format at the Asia Television Awards.

After 12 years as Digital Video Developer at St. Edward’s University, in Austin, Texas I took the leap to Shanghai to join the Daedalum Films team in 2016. In this role, I wore many hats, serving as director, producer, editor, assistant director, and drone operator for a myriad of projects, including Alibaba’s look at Cyber Celebrities, Jellycat, Ecovacs, and Maserati. I also produced and assisted direction on a series of commercials for Dove. Most recently, I produced, directed, and edited a music video for Shanghai garage punk band, Dirty Fingers, and served as lead editor for Alibaba’s 2017 and 2018 viral video campaign for the international 11:11 shopping festival, which garnered millions of views.

I am an experienced user of the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro.