I edited this profile of fashion designer, Emily Yu for Albaba.

I produced, directed, and edited this music video for Shanghai act, Dirty Fingers. 

I produced, edited, and even played puppet master for this cheeky documentary about premiere plush toy retailer Jellycat and their success in China with help from Web2Asia and Alibaba.

I produced, directed and edited this video of Mike Watt and the Missing Men performing "Little Doll" at Yuyintang in Shanghai, China.

I edited this video as part of Alibaba’s G20 marketing campaign

I produced and edited this video for Duke University’s campus in Kunshan, China, to emphasize their sustainable ethos.

I edited this video as part of Alibaba’s 2018 11:11 marketing campaign.

I edited this video about Alibaba bringing Chinese Mom and Pop shops into the digital era.